dream log
dream world is a weird place

03-03-2012 iron fighters
Ugh, I had a weird dream this night. I can't remember all the parts, but at one moment, I was playing Minecraft. I was into some weird cave thing. There was iron a-plenty, but it was in the entrance to a dark tunnel. Then I heard one of those creepy cave sounds, and zombies started coming out of the tunnel. There were zombies everywhere around me and they were holding iron swords. It was like a Middle Ages fight. There were even sword noises.

At another moment, several sites (including Kuribo64) were getting hacked weirdly. I was observing that and had no idea how to stop the hacker or how they got in.
03-07-2012 Acmlmboard
I recently had another weird internet-related dream. Kafuka was running off Acmlmboard 2.8. It had a version history page, like Acmlm's Board had at some point. There were many versions between 2.5 and 2.8, but the versioning scheme inbetween was total bullshit. Like, some versions were dates or weird long numbers...

why do I keep dreaming about Acmlmboards
04-21-2012 trains
A while ago I had a weird dream related to trains. That was in a grassland, there was a railway going through the grassland, and a RER train was stopped there.

More oddly, I wanted to take that train, even though the place didn't look like a train station at all. I was sprinting to get it. The door started closing in front of me, and then a woman held the door back with her arms to let me in. I thanked her while she was telling me that I should have been on time and blah blah blah...

And then I don't remember what happened next.
12-27-2012 Super Mario Kart
I remember a weird part of my last dream, where I had to play Super Mario Kart against some geeky guy and beat him to get something. Can't remember what, though.

I also had never played Super Mario Kart, be it in my dream or IRL.

I had a tiny fast vehicle while the guy had a huge vehicle that would push others away. The track was weird, it was like there were dead ends. The physics were also more like those of more recent Mario Kart games.

Eventually, I won but didn't realize immediately because the game would let me play afterwards. Then the guy told me. I was happy, but idk what went next.

Another part of that dream comes back to mind. I was with friends and we were in Paris, going to take the subway. But it was weird. The train would circulate on the surface, on weird roads, instead of underground.

Then it kept becoming weirder and weirder. The next train we took had no rails. And the one after that... there was no train at all. We were just sitting in the void.

Can't remember where we went with all that.
02-08-2013 when your daily commute shits itself
I was taking a bus I usually take to go to university or get back home. Except the bus was following a really unusual path. It was a mountainside path with twists and turns every so often.

The driver was also apparently very new, and was driving rather badly. The bus had a lot of trouble staying on the road.

Eventually, that had to happen, the bus started slipping off the road and falling down the mountain. But that part was weird. While during the whole time I was inside the bus, when it was falling I was watching the scene outside the bus, from above.

And then I woke up.
04-13-2013 more commute woes
It was apparently the end of a typical university day. I was waiting for the bus.

The bus stop was different. Despite being temporary, it had space made for the bus.

Eventually the bus arrived, but from the wrong side of the road. It then went on the grass past the bus stop to do some silly things. The driver got out of it to start a party or something, with the other people who were waiting for the bus.

Meaningwhile, there were already a fuckton of people inside the bus, they were all squished against the windows. I spotted a little space for me.

But then the bus started going backwards. It crossed the road and stopped into a fence on the other side. It somehow swapped sides, as the side that was against the fence was the front of it.

Then I end up at my house. The bell rings, some of our family that we were waiting for, has arrived. I go to welcome them or something. I was wearing really weird pants, that were blue, fuchsia and white, and were actually a pair on shorts on a pair of pants or something...
12-18-2013 fun at university
This dream was weird. I don't remember it all. I remember, uh... some event happening at univ. Some friends of mine playing with foam carpets and sticks, kinda like those you use in swimming pools.

Then I'm leaving univ. The bus arrives too early, I run to catch it, but I miss it. The display on the bus was weird, the route number being a weirdly shaped 3.5 instead of the usual 7.

So I start waiting for the next bus. Somehow there are still many people at the bus stop. Some of my friends are with me. A guy I don't know starts talking with me, asking me my name. I reply, and in return, ask him. His name is... Champion?! We then chat a bit and he kisses me on the cheek, somewhat close to my mouth. I try to tell him some things, despite the huge ambient noise (suddenly it's like the bus stop turned into a nightclub) and the friends making fun of us.

Then we end up walking along the bus route for some reason. It's night. Somewhere on the road we meet the same friends that were playing with the foamy stuff in the univ. They're still doing it, outside...

There are more parts to this dream, but it's uh, weird.

I also wanna tell another, older dream of mine.

The univ was apparently organizing an event weekend, similar to the one we had at the beginning of the year. We were already on the place. Apparently we got there with only two trip buses, while in the actual weekend we used four.

Somehow, my mom is there, and decides to leave with me. She takes one of the trip buses. At some point later on, I somehow end up driving the bus. It seemed rather easy, despite the fact I've never driven a bus...

I stop in some place that looks like a cross between a gas station and a post office. Inside the building, there are barriers, kind of like those at the entrances of subway stations. I somehow manage to get past them. Then uh... what the hell were I even doing inside the building? I wondered what I'd do with the bus, because uh, driving a stolen vehicle without an adequate license is kinda illegal...

And then I wake up...
01-10-2014 airport
Last night's dream was about mom taking me to some airport-like place to take a plane. She had a flight ticket that was the size of an A4 sheet cut in half vertically. To validate the ticket you had to insert it in some machine and press a big red button atop it, similar to those emergency stop buttons.

Later on, I was travelling in the Paris subway with friends. We were trying to reach the same airport-like place to take a plane to some fun place.

As we arrive there, I realize I can't pass as I don't have a ticket. For some reason I want to mix some cement or do something else that requires latex gloves. I steal a pair of gloves from a pack that was lying on a shelf, but for some reason I never do what I wanted to do with the gloves.

Eventually I somehow pass the barriers, perhaps I got a ticket in the meantime? Perhaps the dream skipped the part where the gloves would have been useful to me in order to pass?


And then I wake up before getting to take a plane.
04-05-2014 urbex??
Venturing in some building for unknown reasons. It's unclear what the building is, but it seems it is about some company.

The building is very large, so much that parts of it are abandoned and squatted by weird junkies.

I'm venturing in such an abandoned part. There's a door that leads to a dark, unwelcoming place where supposedly weird people are hiding. I'm trying to close the door, unsuccessfully. Then some crazy girls start going after me. I climb a stair and enter an elevator.

The building has many stories, apparently. Lots of buttons, arranged in a weird way. The bottom-most floor is numbered 0, despite the fact it supposedly is far deep underground.

I decide to go to floor 0. Not a wise decision, since I don't know what awaits me there, but uh, I kinda want to escape those crazy girls. It turns out that floor 0 isn't that bad. It looks like some office interior. I venture in, run across a desk with a woman behind it. Said person starts wondering what I'm doing here and bothering me, so I go back to the elevator.

I go to the topmost floor. The room is like a large and very high living room. It's dark in here, but it feels welcoming and comfortable. It's apparently decorated for Christmas.

I somehow end up climbing a ladder in said room. Not far away, there's Willy Wonka climbing another similar ladder. I somehow move to his ladder. Then he throws coins in the room. Supposedly the coins were meant to turn into chocolate or candy or some other funky magic as they reached the floor.
04-06-2014 Age of Empires II
This dream was an AoE2 game. First, I had a pier in some river that separated my land from the enemy's. Another enemy was attacking that enemy.

The enemy had defence towers, so I made attack boats and ordered them to destroy the towers. They behaved weirdly but eventually did it.

Then I had to make an army, but couldn't train much soldiers. I was lacking some resource called 'Frisit'. In the top bar, there were only the typical resources, wood, food, gold and stone. So how was I supposed to obtain that Frisit?

In the town, I only had 3 farms, and no defence or army was in there. Turkish samurais were coming out of nowhere and setting farms on fire and killing villagers. Their animations, as well as their fire, were sloppy. Apparently those were some natural hazard and not sent by an enemy.

And, as if I weren't in deep enough shit, a third enemy comes to attack me with seemingly numberous armies.
05-09-2014 police bust
A while ago I had a dream that changes had been made to our house's fence, and apparently not by us. Possibly by the annoying neighbours. I don't remember more details aside from me yelling at them.

Yesterday, I had a more interesting dream. I was in some house with a couple other persons. For some reason, police was going after us. They were around the house, ready to enter. One of the persons I was with, escaped in a cupboard, and we followed him.

The cupboard was actually a secret door to a tilted corridor. I was trying to be silent in there, but the old, creaking hardwood floor made it hard. We went down to a secret room to escape the police.

Later on, for some absurd reason I decided to go back up to grab some guns so we could defend ourselves. Apparently the police had still not entered the house. There were some submachine guns and ammunition available. I loaded one of them with a cartridge that apparently only contained half the ammo it could contain, and wasted all of it for no reason. I then looked in a crate for more weapons and ammo. Some of the ammo cartridges were Intellivision cartridges for some reason.

And then... dunno.
05-17-2014 pointless fight
Me fighting with some guy that seemed strong. Apparently, he wasn't trying to hit me or even defend himself.

But he was really robust. I kept hitting him in the face, eventually getting tired, but that did nothing to him. I even remember hitting his head with a fire extinguisher, to no avail either.

05-20-2014 dream coding
I only remember the dream I had this morning when I was supposed to wake up, and went back to sleep accidentally.

I was messing with PHP code from Acmlmboard 2 or something. The code looked like a series of sanity checks done before moving a thread. For some reason, I had to move parts of it around, rename variables, etc...
06-02-2014 weird
It starts with a modern world where for some dumb reason people have parts of them replaced with robotic parts. I myself have my right foot and ankle replaced.

Despite being able to walk fine, we have to use wheelchairs. There are also tall, narrow terminals. Each person has a terminal associated to them. Their terminal is painted in the color they want. Mine is all chromey.

From what I remember, the terminal lets you validate a card that allows you to walk or get around without the wheelchair for a limited amount of time. Or something in the like. But I'm somehow able to bypass that restriction as I didn't validate my card but can still walk.

Then I'm in a building. With someone else, we want to reach the underground levels of the building. We take a half-secret staircase. End up to a level with a door going outside, and a metal door that supposedly goes underground but is locked. We go outside.

Outside, it's weird. We meet some kind of canyon similar to the one here on the left. The ground is made of weird blocks, too.

On the left, there are bus stops. Many of them. But no bus in sight.

We looked into the canyon, or something...

Fast forward to another part of the dream (or more like another dream, as I woke up rather lazily). I was with my parents at grandparents' house. We were about to leave to go do something, don't know what. I wanted to take crap shoes with me as it supposedly wasn't going to be something pretty.

But my crap shoes were nowhere to be found. We looked in two places where we'd put shoes, but nope. Eventually it appeared that said shoes were already in the car. And after that... dunno.
06-06-2014 weird2
Another really complex double dream. I accidentally woke up after 3 hours of sleep, so yeah.

First part is about a huge event that is held at a place looking like a university or engineering school. There are many people partying and it's cool. I don't remember much details, other than long slides installed on the building's roof. And having fun with other people, drinking, pretty standard party stuff...

Second part starts in a GTA5-like environment. For whatever reason, I'm wanted, and try to flee the police. There were no wanted stars as far as I can remember, but there was the minimap.

At some point I take a bridge that turns to the left, but the minimap shows a big blue dot further on said bridge. Assuming it was a police vehicle (which isn't the case in the real thing), I drive over the bridge's border, falling down to who knows where. View change, I'm now inside the vehicle rather than being the viewer. I somehow end up in my room, tiny enough to slip under my computer's desk. I hide there until I'm not wanted anymore.
06-24-2014 makin' jam
My last dream involved mom grabbing weirdly shaped fruit from a plant at the neighbours'. We were then going to use these fruit to do something with them, like jam or something. Don't remember well. Supposedly they tasted like lemon or something weird.

There was also me breaking some old wooden shutter apart so we could dispose it, and having an argument with mom over something related to it.
06-25-2014 on the road
Weirdass dream incoming, probably not in the right order. I don't remember the order, blarg.

First, there's a part where I'm waking up and following daily routine prior going to school/univ. I was supposed to go with mom. So far, everything good, we were on time. Then, for some reason, I watch a TV show. We run awfully late. I get pissed at mom because she wasn't ready in time.

There's another part where we're in our car, driving on a highway or freeway type road. Mom's driving, dad's... not here. He's following us in another car, trying to overtake us. We hear the engine groan as mom speeds up hard. But despite that, dad does overtake us... walking. At which point we seem to have stopped. He drops his phone seemingly on purpose, phone shatters.

Later on, we're all in our car, driving again. We go through a town with many abandoned buildings that have broken windows. Dad mentions a new kind of smartphone that is so slim that it can be thrown into a jail cell by its window, and the security risk that represents.

We have driven past the abandoned town. My sister and I are listening to music, both different kinds. Apparently the car's speakers could be plugged to individual audio sources. Sister was listening to her usual weird music, I was listening to a weird version of SMS's Delfino Plaza theme.

For some reason, we stop. Sister gets off the car to go talk to mom. I realize she may be hearing my music, and want to turn it down or plug some headset.

There was also a whole part taking place in a huge building full of stairs and corridors, but I don't remember details.
06-28-2014 freezer phone
Yet another dream where I forgot most of it. Wee.

The part I remember starts in some Minecraft structure which I'm exploring. It's like I'm inside Minecraft. The structure is huge, looking like some old temple made of those quartz blocks, and made of a lot of very steep stairs going up and down. Most of those stairs have a chest nearby. I didn't try to open any of them, apparently seeking for something else.

At some point, I fall across some kind of dungeon inside the structure. It generates weird monsters that come after me. They hurt me while I'm stuck in some weird pause-like mode. Once I get out of that, I counter-attack them by... freezing their faces by playing some song on my phone.

I mess around with nearby dirt blocks, placing more of them, freezing them using my phone again...

Eventually, another of those monsters. This one looks like someone I know from school. I freeze his face in the same nonsense way. I punch him, hoping to make him shatter to bits, but to no avail. As he starts unfreezing, I freeze him again.

It's worth noting that during the whole thing, I was seeking to buy that song that froze the monsters, or find a way to play it without relying on the Youtube app.

Dream moves to a room with tables in the middle. My parents are there, they finished assembling the tables. They say there's still something to be done, and I know they want to have sex on the tables they just assembled.

I move to a sub-room (small cabin thing) of the large room, as to respect their privacy. In the meantime, they're apparently installing curtains or something around the tables.

I take my pants off for some reason and sit down in an armchair. Of course, at this points, parents have to enter my sub-room. Then somehow my underwear is also off. I try to put them back on. Then mom tells me that I must masturbate once every week. I inquire about that apparently silly rule.
07-01-2014 roundabout is closed
There was that dream which I happened to remember very well as it felt realistic, although memory of it kinda faded and I forgot some details.

Starts with me wanting to take a bus to go somewhere (there was more before it but I don't remember it). There are quite a few bus routes, the bus network is complex, I don't know where to go. But then I take a bus, magically knowing where to go.

The bus reaches a large roundabout (similar to a place I know IRL), and stops on the side of the road. Apparently, the roundabout is closed. I get off the bus. The entry to the roundabout becomes a parking door, and suddenly we're inside some weird parking building.

While trying to find the exit, I go through several weird passageways, and keep accidentally touching dog pee or other dirty stuff.

I eventually enter a room where I'm supposed to take an elevator of some kind. The room is flooded, there's about 50cm deep of water in there. (I could feel the water; that whole part of the dream felt very realistic, that's why I remembered it so well I guess)

Dream stopped there. There's more but I don't remember.
07-26-2014 lucid dream????
Was a weird, semi-lucid dream. At some point I had the feeling I could control the dream, and I could think, but at the same time I didn't have that much control over it.

Other than that, it was about a trip or something, and full of details and things I don't remember.
08-04-2014 roadsign thieves
Me venturing into some building (univ? school?) with friends.

At some point, we fall across a room with people inside. The door is made of two tiny swinging doors, like saloon doors but even smaller vertically. I grab some pipes from nowhere and enter the room acting like a mad cowboy, shooting everywhere with my pipe-guns. People get pissed at me for making too much noise. Only later do I realize they're into some kind of exam. Oops.

With my friends, we get tables and stay there for some reason. I get into an argument with one of the other guys because he's an asshole. We leave the room.

Later on, we're in the street. We hear about people stealing road signs and folding them to carry them. Weird. Then I actually catch someone doing that. She has a sign folded twice in her left hand and is about to detach another sign. I take her down by grabbing her hair. In the meantime, my friend goes call the cops. The woman has a backpack, I figure there may be more folded signs in there. She also has some weird small phone that gets shattered in the process. I try to grab my phone, but it's not in my pocket. I figure I may have forgotten it in the exam room, but I try again and get it. I want to call the cops but my friend already did, so uh.

We stay there, waiting for the cops. Eventually, two persons arrive, a man and a woman, claiming to be cops (no uniforms? no police car? well okay). The woman congratulates us for what we did. The man tells me to check something about the signs (some 'mechanical center' or point or something), then talks about earlobes and shows me a website (his?) talking about more completely unrelated things. (the website just fills my view completely, which is how web browsing seems to work in dream land)

(after the dream I figured that maybe they were fake cops sent to save the sign stealer. I'd have wanted to see her get arrested, though :/ )
10-01-2014 tech archaeology
There was more to this dream, but a part I remember particularly well is about a weird ancient device.

It was a CRT screen, but apparently more than just a screen. Hovering something electrostatic over the screen revealed a frame of what appeared to be a text editor opened in an ancient operating system (Windows 1.0 or so?).

But continuing to do so also caused the screen to refresh and show different frames. As if the CRT tube itself was somehow dead but the rest of the device was working.

While I was hoping to somehow save those frames and extract more data from that interesting device, mom thought it was junk and threw it away somewhere, to my disappointment. That broke the CRT but it didn't implode. And somehow it still shown frames when hovered with something electrostatic.

There was another part with dad and me in a computer part store. Me wanting to acquire ridiculously big RAM sticks for my computer (2x16GB or even more, don't remember), and thinking about switching to 64bit windows because that was more than 4GB of RAM...
10-08-2014 flood at town plaza
There were many things to this dream but most of them have been forgotten, as always :/

What I remember starts with me taking a bus. Had a feel that the bus was slow, too slow. There were one or two other buses that were faster and overtook us.

Bus stops in some town place. It starts doing weird things, you know, like those buses that are able to lean towards the bus stop so that it's easier to get in, except it's leaning way too much. It even almost fell on the side.

Once the driver is done having fun with that, he finally opens the doors and I leave the bus.

I walk towards some mall building. There's a fire truck going, pretty similar to the ones in GTA V. It's going fast as if there was an emergency, but it doesn't have its siren or flashlights on.

I get to the entrance of the mall. The town is apparently a vacation place or something. The mall is right next to the sea. The area in the entrance is even somewhat flooded. We're walking in shallow water.

The mall is also a restaurant, there are several people eating in the entrance park. I give someone a thumbs up to tell them that I'm enjoying the place.

There's another part, with no connection whatsoever, possibly just a different dream. I'm at my grandparents' house, with some friends. We're in a bedroom that is under the roof.

I notice that someone didn't turn the computer off, and turn it off, including the monitor and the mouse, which for some reason is the wireless USB mouse I use with my laptop (despite the fact that said computer runs Windows 98 and afaik doesn't have USB ports).

It's very cold and windy outside. I take notice that a roof window isn't properly insulated. Oddly, it looks like it IS properly insulated, but coldness blows in as if there was a huge gap somewhere.

Then there are more windows. Three windows, which aren't regular roof windows but standard wall windows mounted horizontally. Those are very high. Of course, someone manages to accidentally open them. It's a pain to close them back, and someone has to stay outside to help (and end up locked out on the roof-- he has to find a way to get down).

Oh well, eventually we get them closed.
10-26-2014 haxor team
I remember a part of my dream where Gohan had a server. He was banned from Kafuka for hosting malicious stuff (password stealers I think) on said server, but the ban reason wasn't specified clearly. Instead, his title read "Banned: I don't know why!".

Oddly, Chpexo was banned as well, for teaming up with him. [Chpexo isn't even a Kafuka user]

Another part was about me playing Giants Citizen Kabuto, destroying big buildings with Kabuto to demonstrate his fierce attacks to mom.

Oh and there are even more parts... god it's a mess.
10-30-2014 Prison Break
After watching this video yesterday, I imaginated a similar scene with me escaping from prison by using a guardian as a hostage.

Amusingly, my dream the night was exactly that. Of course, as dream logic implies, it was absurdly easy.

When I arrived in the prison yard, there were many guardians. They weren't trying to attempt something, except the ones behind me were walking slowly towards me. But I was constantly looking everywhere to make sure they didn't attempt something.

Then I reached the door, which was open. For some reason I mega-jumped over it instead of going through it normally. The door and wall were also unusually short for a prison (they were like 2-3 meters high). No barbed wire, spikes or such crap on the top either.

Right after the door, it was the sea, as if the prison was on an island. But there was a truck on the left. I started it in the typical GTA5 fashion. Given how little space there was between the jail walls and the sea, it was tricky to drive, but eventually I reached more normal road, back to town or something.

At this point, the guardian I had previously used as a hostage apparently just disappeared. No police or anything going after me, either.

Then I just came back to my hotel room to take a bath and relax. At this point, my sister entered the room.
12-12-2014 swimming pool
Was another of those multidream nights that happen when I wake up lazily. And as always I only remember the last part.

I'm in that room of my house that is supposed to eventually become a kitchen. The tile pattern on the floor is completely different from the real one (and looks kinda hacked together due to lacking tiles), but aside from that everything looks the same.

I'm playing with our kittens in said room. Eventually, my sister and dad join me. Kittens do stupid shit I don't want them to do, I tell them to stop but they don't comply, so I tell it louder.

Dad gets angry at me because I'm making too much noise. I disagree, and play around with random stuff in boxes that popped out of nowhere to make more noise and piss him off.

It works. He even talks about punishment. I don't want to be punished like a 6 year old. I think that if he does it, I will just stop talking to him until he reconsiders it. We walk back to another room (living room). Dad closes that wide glassy sliding door we have, throws the key on the floor, and goes to his tablet-computer-thing on the desktop. I pick up the key, and grab another key, thinking I'll steal them to piss everyone off.

(why am I that retarded in this dream)

I go back to my room. The room is organized like it was ages ago, with the computer desktop in the middle, screen plain visible to anyone entering the room. The monitor looks like the one I had at that time, too. But Firefox on the computer is the weirdly customized version I have now.

Figuring dad would cut off my computer's internet access as a punishment, I do a quick check and google some gibberish. Apparently it still works.

Fast forward to a swimming pool scene. I decide to go to the city's swimming pool and relax there. It's a weird swimming pool where apparently you don't have to pay to enter. But it's really nice and features several basins and other fancy crap. Nothing like the real one which is the standard two-basin setup.

I enter one of the basins and swim around. I meet dad but he says nothing. There are many other people too (expectable from a free swimming pool after all).

Later on I walk around in a corridor leading to fancy basins. I meet dad and mom there. Mom talks about how nice cell phones are because supposedly she texted me that dad and her were going to the swimming pool. But this is a coincidence, I came here under my own desire.

Dad isn't mad at me anymore, either. It's like nothing happened.

We try the fancy basins. One of them is cold so I don't enter it. Eventually we go to a large rectangle basin that is outside. There is a mom and her toddler bathing there. For some reason the toddler is wearing a light blue hoodie. Suddenly I'm wearing one too, but it's black. I enter the basin with the hoodie and then take it off, wee logic.

Dad and mom are in the basin too, we bathe together. Surprisingly, my sister is also here.

There was also a part about me going to one of those yearly weekend trips organized by my previous school. Apparently it is already September/October 2015. I'm on the bus. And I don't remember much from this, aside from having to help push the bus up a small slope thing because apparently it couldn't make it up there.
01-25-2015 dinner at Caesar's
I'm with my parents, watching a new Asterix movie. But half the time we're also part of said movie.

There's that part where we're invited over to Caesar's palace. The palace has a living room with a large TV. We sit around a table (and for some reason there's something wrong with my chair) and start eating some cake thing.

Eventually the movie ends. I find it oddly short. The whole time we were watching from some website on my computer.

The derpass neighbours are doing weird things. As usual, but weirder things. They're trying to park a bus in their small courtyard thing (how it entered that, dunno). I grab my phone and try to take pictures without getting noticed, but for some reason it doesn't work.

They're also organizing some event, there are many people coming to their house.

Then we're also coming over to their house because someone sent them a cake and apparently it is poisoned and we have to warn them.

Then there's a short part in the streets of some town/village. Some weird guy hit something with his car. He's stopped next to some emergency telephone thing, calling the cops. A nearby cop comes over. They go a bit further, to where the accident happened. The thing that was hit is some mobile kiosk thing or something like that. The cop revokes the guy's driving license, all while being a jerk.
02-26-2015 weird dog
Me getting back home and meeting a dog with weird fur. The dog is friendly, I pet him on the way home. But later on I'm told that I'm allergic to that dog's fur or something, and it's dangerous. I'm given a pill that acts weird when put in the mouth but prevents the effects of the allergy.

Oh well there's more but it's all forgotten, as usual.
03-13-2015 global cooling
Had that dream a while ago about me going in vacation somewhere with my parents for Summer. There was a conflict because my sister wasn't there, and we thought she wasn't coming with us (that's what actually happened last Summer). But at the time of leaving home, she came back home and she was willing to come with us.

Then there was that pier platform thing I was on, that was covered in sand, like some weird artificial beach. There was a radio station talking about how hot climate was and supposedly it was caused by global warming, but actually it was cold. So much even that it snowed a little. Didn't seem that off to me despite happening in July. Wee dream logic.

Then we were in our backyard, and for some reason it was flooded. We were bathing as if it was the sea.
03-30-2015 biting the Apple
Had several dreams this night, and I remember two of them.

First one is about me being to some place and using my laptop. On a table a few meters away, one of my schoolmates is also using his laptop. Then I buy a new laptop because I find my current one too crap. The model I get is the same as my schoolmate's, a really nice one. Although it's the exact same, and I feel unoriginal. I see some red decoration and consider painting it blue to make it 'mine'.

Then there's some crap involving a sports hall but I don't remember it well.

Then I'm in my room. I bought a hugeass Apple monitor for no reason. It's so big that it wouldn't even fit in my current desktop nook where the current monitor is. I unbox the giant monitor and check it out. It's stylish and all, and apparently the support can be slid left and right. I turn it on (without having even hooked it to anything, wee logic). But it's more than just a monitor. It's actually a Mac, complete with the typical Apple keyboard and some curved-in touchpad device attached to the monitor. But for some reason, it's running Windows 8.1 (argl). It also has many things preinstalled.

Eventually mom enters my room and asks me why I bought that thing. I feel embarassed as I realize I've been buying that on a whim and I wasted my money. I consider reboxing it and returning it.

There's another dream where we're having a family meal at my grandparents' house. Our meals are served in huge weird plates with many compartiments.

And another one where I'm in another grandparents house. We hide in a bathroom for some reason. I notice that the window's shutters have been replaced, which is nice because the old ones were fucked and couldn't be closed right. But for some reason, the window is a door. It's also ancient and full of cobwebs, and probably hasn't been opened in ages.
06-30-2015 post-apocalyptic
My first dream was set up in a post-apocalyptic environment or something like that. It was quite a mess.

I remember that at some point I left my house and went to the nearby intersection. There was a car abandoned there. A red, sportive car. All open and ready. How convenient, because apparently we needed to drive away from the place. The car was weird, it had the wheel on the right, as if it was from England. There were also four pedals for some reason. Took me a while, but I eventually managed to get it going.

We eventually reached a place where some mess was going on, with people shooting eachother with submachine guns. Somehow, the car ended up behind a fence, fucked GTA5-style.

Later on, we were in an official building, something related to the government or something very official, but I don't really remember what happened there other than chatting with the people there.

well, bleh. I had another dream, but I forgot it from trying to remember this one.
08-16-2015 family dinner
What I can remember starts by playing Worms3D in my room. Some weird fight, and I want to look up how to script a huge bomb (because apparently you can script things in), but don't get around to it. At the end of the fight, there's the typical screen giving statistics about the fight, but there's also a voice commenting it with great insight.

Then I go in another room of the house to grab some things I need. I get some candy and drinks outside, and put them aside to try getting more of them. The drinks come in metal cans, most of them are Ice Tea and one of them is crapoed (even has a hole in the bottom or someshit).

I stay there, waiting for mom to come back or someshit. I'm wearing the same kind of outfit I wear when sleeping for some reason. Eventually mom's car arrives, and I decide I should leave that room with my things and quickly go back to my room. But it turns out that there are too many things for me to carry all at once, how inconvenient.

I go to mom as she leaves the car and there's someone else with us. We check out some things on the car.

Later on, we're in the kitchen, getting ready for dinner. For some reason the kitchen is our old one, even though by now it's almost completely disassembled. There are two guys around who are friends or relatives, don't really know. It appears that one of them is roughly my age and the other is younger. We joke about the younger guy's hair.

We eventually get to the dinner. The two guys and my sister are here. There's some conversation going on, apparently the two guys have a different last name and we're also getting that last name for some reason. The dinner is mostly pasta. While serving me a drink or something, I somehow manage to spill a lot of ketchup over myself. I try to discretely clean myself, but there's too much of it really, I need to get new clothes.

And... uh...
08-29-2015 car issues
My dream involved me driving some really small car into a public building of sorts. I don't remember more details other than that there was something wrong with the car.
09-01-2015 bang bang bang
I don't remember well how this dream started-- me with the family at our grandparents' house. My sister is following but she's late or something. We leave the house and get in the car. My sister gets in, I... don't. I go read some posters in the street. For whatever reason, I'm holding a Kalachnikov type gun. There's a group of girls and they wonder if the gun is real. "Yes, yes it is" followed by me shooting in the sky.

I get back in the house. I expect the police to come, but nothing. I get to the first floor, open a window, unload two clips shooting in the sky at random.

I wake up. Will never know if the police was on its way or whatever.

(as a clarification: under French laws, me owning a firearm would be illegal, let alone using it in the street)
09-26-2015 disjointed mess
It's weird, and I can't piece the parts together in the right order.

Part of it is me buying shit in a Leclerc supermarket. It has a dark wood theme to it. I want to buy clothes, but can't find where they are. I reach a place with doors leading to 'hidden' rooms, one of them contains all sorts of make-up items, another door leads to two stairs, presumably staff-only.

In Minecraft. Travelling through a weird map with big, deep pits. There are rabbits, some of them are giant. I can ride them, but riding the giant ones make them become 'normal', and they become giant again when not riding. Bummer.

Another part happens in some kind of natural reserve/park. There's an entrance to something, like an Acmlmboard or ABXD or something. You can see the online users page. My name is Mega-Mario, and someone manipulated my useragent and shows me how to do it. I try doing it, but the useragent needs to be compiled or something. Then there's more weird shit, like a command line to make weed cigarettes. It's configurable, and it's set to make something like this.

And then... back to elementary school, aaarrg. We mess around for a while, and there's a Chinese girl (one I 'know' IRL) who comes to me, asking me things about pizza. Then she sits behind me and chats with the guy next to her.

The teacher starts a dictation exercise. It requires a half-sheet, I have trouble finding a good sheet. I eventually do it, but... by the time I got the date and all the nicely formatted bullshit written, the exercise is already finished. I didn't hear the teacher dictate or anything, but there we are, done, and I failed nicely. wee
10-07-2015 Fort Boyard
Last dream involves something happening at home. At some point, a loud bang, and the windows shatter. But there aren't glass bits on the floor or anything, the glasses have just disappeared.

Also, watching the 2016 season of Fort Boyard, way in advance. They painted the fort blue with some big red writing or something. The ambiance is very dark. Candidates need to pass a challenge to enter, then they get 15 minutes to collect keys. Odd.

There was more to it, much more, but you guess where it went.
10-14-2015 back to elementary school
It's another of those dreams where I'm back to elementary school. I'm mostly myself and not a child, though. I enter the school, try the doors and all. I enter the kitchen. I act like I'm taking shit from a closet and then leaving and locking the door, but the closet and the door key don't exist. Weird.

I wander around in the school building. It's weird, there are multiple rooms and some are bedrooms or other weird things. It's like in some castle.

Another part with me in my room, my sister in her room. She's trying to fix her iPod dock. At the same time, the dock is playing a song that is a somewhat modified version of the Ghostbusters song. It's from a version called 'SOS Costume' or something weird, where the Ghostbusters are all women.

There was also a part with a laptop I had that had two CDROM drives and two floppy drives. Odd.
11-01-2015 Christmas tree bladder
Waking up lazily -> wee dreamfest and you don't remember half of them.

Last thing I remember is mom explaining things to my sister, like that if she failed to do something, she would need her bladder replaced with a synthesis one that always lets piss out. It was dubbed a "Christmas tree bladder" for some reason.

At the same time, I needed to pee in the dream. I still need to at the time of writing this.
11-09-2015 boot fail
lazy wakeup again, so uh

Last dream involved me trying to boot my computer, but failing. The BIOS would print things and then ask for a password. I knew the password (it was a variation of my typical passwords, amusingly), I would type it, sometimes typo it, but when pressing Enter, it wouldn't work. It would just clear most of the screen in a glitchy fashion. The password display itself also randomly switched between using stars and showing the plaintext password.
11-13-2015 it's not where you think it is
what an absurd dream

Fort Boyard was actually not on the coast of France, near Fouras, where it's supposed to be. The Fort Boyard TV show used tricks to make us believe that. The building was actually on a lake in USA.

In the dream, it seemed right. oh well
12-11-2015 nightclub musings
That was a weird dream revolving around a nightclub, more or less standard club things happening there.

I want to go to the toilets, they're weird, like, there's a series of doors, each leading into a ~10m long corridor with another door at the end leading to the actual toilet.

Later on, I'm outside, but want to get back in to go to the toilets (again? or just wrong order of things?), but it's closed. I climb a metal fence thing to get in anyway. One of the guards notices me, but he just tells me I'm weird and I should go talk with him.

Later, leaving the party with a girl (who happens to be a girl I know IRL, I don't have particular affinities with her though). We walk together acting like we're a couple, we don't hook up or anything though, maybe chat a little...
01-09-2016 police mission
there's more to this dream but it's mostly lost

So I'm outside of my house with my parents and maybe sister, looking at the street. The police is on a mission there, we see many of their vehicles drive by fast, it must be something really serious. Some stop in front of the house and take position looking to the right, aiming their guns at something.

In the meantime, we play with weird green things-- like a sort of small bucket covered in green cloth, you do something to it and a green ball pops out, ~10cm in diameter. We shoot those at random, but I'm concerned about where they're going, they shouldn't go beyond the fence and disturb the cops outside.

There's nothing severe at all though, the cops never shoot or anything. Then a family passes by, and apparently the cops are just protecting them for whatever reason.

this is why you don't play GTA before going to bed
01-19-2016 what
I don't remember this night's dream, but here are bits of the previous one...

Someone has a big wooden house. I'm visiting, it's nice and all.

That person wants to move to USA (California or something, don't remember well), but wants to keep the house. Solution? Disassemble the house, mail the parts to the new address, rebuild it there.
01-24-2016 skiing without skis
let's see, what do I remember... this was an interesting dream

A building with several floors, I use an elevator to get around (I use the elevator exclusively, although there's also a very large staircase at some point).

Eventually I have to take the elevator with someone else, a blond guy (who might be someone I know IRL?), and I forget to press the button corresponding to my floor. There are maybe a dozen of floors. I can see the guy requested both floors 1 and 2 (why?), but the elevator is going up, as if the floors were numbered backwards.

More elevator craziness follows, it goes back and forth between random floors, maybe with persons going on and off... I figure the elevator sorts all the requested floors and goes to the nearest one each time...

Later on, I meet a guy, he's friendly and all. At some point we chat about skiing, then skiing without skis (??), I even mimic it over a small stair we're close to...

Then I have to leave to go back to my room/apartment/whatever (in the same building from the start). I use the elevator, again. My friend resides on floor 4. I don't remember mine, so I try a few, visit and see nothing of interest... apparently I finally find it, and it's floor 7.

At some point I see my sister arguing with someone else over something, she leaves crying. I want to comfort her, but she calls me an idiot and leaves... at which point I get into the elevator again...
02-07-2016 swimming pool musings
man this one was a cool dream

Memory of it starts in the street, walking with friends, fooling around. Some things are involved, like Gaston Lagaffe comics (that I've never seen before, heh), one of the guys has one on his back, another pops out of nowhere and I punch it... one of them had a feminine version of Gaston who cooked waffles.

Then I'm with my parents and sister, we end up in a place with a small basin. There's a pumping system there, it's that of our swimming pool. You can bathe in that basin though (and I do)...

I leave the basin to walk around. There's a bathtub with some nice tiling around it, and further away, a couple sinks. Further is another table like the one the sinks are on. I was holding a little candle, I place it there, next to another one, thinking it would be useful if there's a power outage. Next to the candles, there are matches and a lighter, appropriate I guess. Nearby, there's a gate leading to a garden. It's lit by torches (the same kind we use to repel mosquitoes at home in our garden). Dad mentions that one of them doesn't work, probably because it ran out of oil...

I later come back to the basin from the start. The swimming pool is connected to it. The pool is ancient, its tiled surfaces are all but flat (actually similar to that old shower in our house, albeit worse and with larger tiles). I think about how it needs to be remade anyway, but don't talk about it. The pool is really deep, I go down and my sister too, there's a table down there with people sitting at it and doing things (yes)... some (underwater) discussion about Wikipedia reference links, those are broken or something. My sister swims up and down easily, I have more trouble going back up (I naturally go down for some reason), but reaching the part of the pool connected to the little basin, I eventually manage it...

(it was weird, it was like the pool was empty and full at the same time...)
03-13-2016 weird
boy was it a weird dream, I remembered the first part but now I forgot it

there was a part where we entered a building that belonged to our neighbours and it was really weird inside, there was some small tunnel I wanted to explore but at the same time I didn't, and more weird crap
03-24-2016 phone repair woes
there was a lot to this dream but I only remember a few parts (as usual)

one part happens in the court in front of our house, the gate is open, there's some kind of carnaval/party happening in the streets with people throwing flour and eggs and whatnot (there was a lot of flour, the street looks like it's covered in it, or just foggy, dunno)

eventually people from a weird car throw eggs at me, I try to dodge them with moderate success

apparently I manage to catch some and later try to throw them at a car passing in the street, they land on the windshield but leave almost no trace

another part is me on my bed, trying to fix my phone (what I plan to do... once I get the needed parts)

I have started taking it apart, the motherboard is exposed, but it's still running with battery inserted, and I mess with it

at some point, I separate the screen from the rest and turn it on, which is where shit goes haywire

it turns on but it's weird, the background is a yellowish white instead of the normal blue background, then all of a sudden the display turns into a pattern of corrupted crap (a grid of weird black dots on a white background) along with a weird loud sound

I think I must have shorted something, immediate reaction is "turn it off" although I try doing so with the power button instead of, uh, removing the battery; I don't have much time to do anything either way because I promptly wake up

the sound stuck out like a sore thumb because the dream was mostly silent, and it scared the shit out of me, waking me up

moar dreams

I remember a few details, like wandering around in a pretty nice vacation hotel that we own (we don't own a hotel, but uh, whatever)

another part involves a bunch of computers on a table, there's a guy on the left using one, and I try to do things, the computers are pretty old

I want to hook my laptop to one of the monitors, it's a CRT and not even VGA (it's some older thing that goes through connectors similar to the headset connectors)

there's a similarly ancient computer with weird interfaces, it's in a weird slim tower format and rumbles when running

there's a more recent computer, looking like those Dell desktops from circa 2005, it runs Windows XP, it has the default XP background and theme and a bunch of weird software installed (the desktop is like 55% full of icons)
04-03-2016 tiger attack
one of my latest dreams involved me being in Fort Boyard, near the "Salle du Trésor"

the tigers where there too, and due to whatever mistake, they were able to get to me, one of them started attacking me

at that point I apparently decided that nope, I don't want to be torn apart by a tiger, and woke up

but amusingly this wasn't a nightmare like the previous phone-related dream, I just woke up normally and the dream didn't feel dire at all
04-05-2016 hovering over the town
I remember the end of this dream

Walking in the streets at evening, I want to enter a bank for whatever reason, but it's closing and the guards tell me to move away.

I cross the street, get to a place that is fucking crowded, the people are excited. At first, it looks like another bank, and they really want in for whatever reason. But it turns out it's much more than that.

People are excited to board onto some giant platform thing that moves up (flying?) and gives them an awesome trip. I see it take off...

Then it's our turn (turns out that now I'm accompanied by my sister(?) and a small guy). The guy tells us to hurry up. We get onto the thing on time for some of the last seats. I'm facing the guy and my sister is on my left.

Seats, well... that's a weird security device. You're supposed to place your calves in two holes in some sort of box while sitting down. The holes are small, my calves barely fit in that shit. We get seated anyway and the thing starts moving...

It moves over the street then straight up. It's amazing.

Then, what the fuck. It's somehow flying in one of the rooms of my house. That room had some repairs to its walls, there were cracks and parts broken off so it was all fixed using... dirt. Or maybe some weird cement thing that looks like dirt.

Then weirder shit happens... (like at some point a part of our house had a wall removed and an extra room)
05-06-2016 mafia
There was another interesting dream that I remembered before this one, but now I forgot about it.

So, the last one.

We're in the car, heading back home. Road is unusual though. Dad talks about issues he has at work with certain people.

On the way, a house is on fire. Firemen are trying to put it out. Dad gets worried about it because the people who own that house are related to his issues at work, and they could think that the fire was his fault.

We get to home. Sure enough, weird people are in front of the garage doors, waiting for us. We lock ourselves in the big garage, I have some trouble closing the door but it's closed in time, the weird guys aren't fast anyway. I worry about the wall separating the big garage from the small one (that wall has a notch where it's like 2m high, which is also present in the dream), the small garage was left open and the weird guys are in it too (yet, the other side of the wall is completely dark).

The weird guys don't try anything to get us... they're just there. Weird that noone considers calling the cops, either.

At some point the big garage has another wall and an old hardwood floor connected to it (which don't exist), Dad goes there and it's completely dark. I worry about the floor but it seems strong enough (some of those floors in this house were rotten, so eh).
05-22-2016 swallowing the Apple
fulla weird shit...

at some point I'm in a bus with schoolmates, we're chatting and joking about things and generally having fun, the bus is the kind with many comfy seats, dunno where we're going

I also read a small instruction sheet destined to bus drivers, that describes how to operate a bus transmission (instructions like "tap R and tap 1-6 to reverse" and some more involved shit). It doesn't seem to apply to the specific bus I'm in, though, as it sounds like this one has a manual transmission.

at another point I'm in my grandparents' living room and (urgl) I bought a Mac. Seems to be a Macbook Air. The password to it is the same that I use on my laptops. I don't know much of what the interface is like, I mostly use it to browse the web. It has a bunch of special keys/buttons for things like "iTouch" (Mac with touchscreen??).

I think that one of the advantages is that it autoconnects to the wifi (my grandparents don't have internet and even less a wifi, but ok whatever). But wait, the PC does that too. (said PC is close to me and is my old laptop)

eventually, sure enough, I get a bit annoyed by the Mac's chpechial hipster keyboard while trying to type things.
06-06-2016 James Bond
oh boy

A part of this dream involves some secret agent or whatever, not clear who he's working for. There are many bad guys who hate him and want to kill him, but he's very good at defending himself. It also seems that everywhere he goes, he constantly sets up traps and whatnot for the bad guys. He's also occasionally seen carrying around a small trolley chest, carefully because it's full of explosives.

Scene with him in a restaurant. I'm there too, on a table really away from him. Sure enough, bad guys come and try to shoot him. A big shooting happens, all the people in the room flee away. The bad guys lose to it. In the end, the superagent hits an orange box, causing an explosion near the windows and getting rid of the last bad guys. Then he continues his dinner or whatever as if nothing happened. The room is very damaged, I comment about it with a Spanish construction worker.

Another scene with the superagent in a restaurant. This time, we learn he has family-- there's his wife and his son. He's planning to go on vacation, there's a big pink trolley chest (additionally to the small one with explosives, heh). He reassures his wife about how light the pink chest is, hinting it's all vacation items (clothes etc). But something happens that alerts him. He prepares himself (with a lot of hands!).

He eventually leaves to the train station. The bad guys learn about it and go there too. They're three. They split in two groups because there are two "interesting" trains. The plan? Stop the train by pointing a laser at the driver. The first group has a green laser and apparently manages to stop their train. The remaining group (person) has a red laser (much more visible than the green one), but he fails. All the people on the platform (it was crowded) tell on him and move towards him as he tries to flee. Eventually the station personal take notice and yell at the guy for being one of these idiots who play with lasers. It was an epic mass movement, though.

I leave the platform, travel the corridors (the train station is underground and overall stark) and enter an elevator. I try waiting for the persons who were apparently with me, but they don't come. In the elevator, there's already someone. I look at the buttons and want to go to -3, but the guy goes 'woh woh woh', so I change my mind and go to -1, but same, 'woh woh woh'...

... then I wake up to the neighbours' retarded dogs barking. qiugjhrgoidfgpqrghfdgh
06-23-2016 how2drunk
what I remember is... giving tips to a friend from my previous school, about how to get drunk best. Apparently eating and drinking gives good results but it's a double-edged sword, you have to be careful.

07-17-2016 dishwashers
last floor of my dad's parents' house. chasing a mosquito, and it escaping me.

things related to the computers they have, don't remember what in detail. It involved their circa-2003 Dell desktop that ran XP, and something like me getting it...

another scene in the kitchen, it has two dishwashers, one is in the spot where the table would be, the other is in another spot near the fireplace and that one is very old and very deep and apparently broken in some way. Talking with my sister about the dishwashers' front doors, they're made of the same kind of material as the surrounding furniture. But my sister says weird things, I don't understand. Then the old broken dishwasher eventually becomes a whole room (with a double sloped roof, as if it was a cabin) that serves some obscure purpose (drying up things??).
07-20-2016 mysterious cabin
odd, disconnected shit again.

a blond guy. something special about him. I'm with someone else, and I make him eat many small chocolate pills that cause amnesia.

a rather large wooden cabin/house. it's empty. the floor is about 1m deeper than ground (outside you get a concrete stair before the entrance). I check out the ceiling. at some point there's a hatchway to enter the attic, but there's a big hole around it, many wooden boards missing. I can see the roof through it, there's a pyramid shape, and the top of it is damaged, lacking tiles. oh and it also seems that there are no windows, yet it's not dark, odd.
07-25-2016 housework
dream takes place at my parents' house.

working on a part of the house, using a chainsaw to try cutting some wooden boarding that finishes the roof. weird.

in the same place, getting into dad's old car. It's weird as fuck. Only two pedals on the driver side, and they seem to be swapped. Passenger side has three pedals, the rightmost one is the handbrake apparently, and not properly attached as it can be removed.

another scene in my room. My sister comes in, she has a huge ass, like, as wide as the door; it's bigger on one side for some reason. I tease her about it, at some point she sorta-crushes me jokingly. We chat about things, dunno.

she eventually leaves. I try to plug my phone to a charger, but it only works if the plug is bent (it's a headset plug instead of microUSB). I suspect the cable, look for another one in the mess on my desk, but they're all weird and quirky and not adapted. Adding to the stress, my parents called for dinner a while ago. asdfdgkfg
08-04-2016 Class Secession
the only thing I can remember is being in some school (high school?) with my classmates. it feels like I'm really part of the group (in high school I was always the dorky nerdy outsider).

our class is nicknamed 'Secession', but it's not a reference to Chateau Secession, odd.
08-13-2016 Darth Vader fears only police
small portion of dream that I can remember:

in my parents' house. in the court, running away from Darth Vader (I kid you not). I enter the house and lock the door. he's there behind the door. solution? grab phone, dial the police number (not actually calling) and show him that to deter him.
08-24-2016 Hotel Weirdo
zerp. I knew I had another cool dream, but it's forgotten, so... bleh

anyway, this one's not half bad.

starts with me accompanying my parents on vacation. we park the car and (instantly) get in the hotel. the corridors are stark, mostly dark blue, odd for a luxury hotel (it looks more like some old hospital).

anyway, as we progress in the corridors, it's hinted we have already come to this hotel before: there's some step or something, and ~2m further, name marks on the floor, seemingly showing how far people fell when they tripped over it. mom's family name is there with its mark. heh. this time none of us falls, though.

we finally get to our rooms, which is where it gets really weird. this part of the corridor is busy, way atypical of a luxury hotel. when I want to enter my room, the really fat cleaning employee tells me it's not cleaned, and he can do it real quick. I tell him to take his time as I can just squat my parents' room for that time :P

my parents open another door, we see a guy on a toilet with headphones and (I kid you not) eating from a meal tray. he doesn't notice us. well atleast we found the toilet huh...

more completely unusual things. in the corridor, a bum with absurdly skinny legs (like, even narrower than the bones alone would be).

there's also a part (dunno if in the right dream or place tho) where I enter a room and it's supposed to be my apartment (not hotel room, apartment to live in. huh?). but there are like 10-12 people having dinner, and someone else sitting on the double bed. I guess that guy is supposed to be my roommate (I didn't expect that at all, but uh), so I get to know him... he has the same first name as me, and claims to be 32 years old but looks older. I get my laptop, start playing a song, then get concerned that they may not enjoy it, and stop it, but they didn't seem to care at all...

the best part is that where I'm in a hotel room (my parents'?) and the hotel moves, as if it was part of those attraction things that move you in all the directions. the hotel room itself is decorated the same way as the corridor (stark, dark blue), but it has large windows that run on two of the walls.

anyway, we can see an attraction park very close to the hotel, so I figure it really is attached to one of those attractions (and it's strong enough to lift a building. yeah). I go out, get my phone (my old tiny phone???) and try to record that, but I can't see it happen at all. only thing of interest is an elephant who can speak faintly (in the dream it's normal though, it's known that elephants can speak). the elephant just sits there saying things I don't remember, he doesn't run away or anything.

there's another dream part (might be the old dream I forgot)

I'm part of a student group who has to go to an English course. we go to the room that was assigned to us, but there's already a Spanish course taking place there. we go to another room. I don't remember past that.

edit- oh, there we go. I remember going to some event (theater? movie?), paying, and getting 0.70€ worth of change, but the change was given to me in Francs (old French money) instead of Euros. the coins were closer to Euros than Francs though.
10-27-2016 lecture hall soccer
waking up lazily = dream extravaganza. anyway, I remember one.

I'm at school or something, trying to find a seat in a big lecture hall to follow a soccer game (in the lecture hall. yep).

anyway, I find empty seats, but keep changing. it then turns out that the lecture hall is misfit for that purpose, I can't see shit at the bottom where the game is supposed to take place, and none of us really can. a lot of people just get up and move towards the front when the game starts.
10-30-2016 visit of Chateau Sécession
I'm taking a tram in some town, get off somewhere. Have to go somewhere, but not clear where.

I run across a large gate that looks like that of Chateau Sécession. It's nicely painted, though. I notice an announcement sign nearby, it is Chateau Sécession. It's being restored, and can be visited. The sign has a picture of the castle entirely restored, as is typical.

I find a weird way in the court, which is clearly being worked on, it has those fences all over the place.

Noting that the castle is a lot bigger than the actual Chateau Sécession, and is a medieval castle with a large wooden door instead of a 18th century castle. I run towards the door, it's a bit far away.

I get to the door, look around. There are many people going in and out. Apparently, visits are entirely and completely free. That's not how you make money to restore your castle.

Anyway, entering the castle. The entry room has no floor for some reason, we're walking on some bridge. There are some things displayed here and there, but I ignore them. I meet somebody I know (who??), but I speed past them.

Later on, inside the castle. The interior is nothing like the actual Chateau Sécession either. There's a room with blue and white colors and a hardwood floor, and a (modern) cupboard under something (stair?). But I know from urbex pics that a wall was removed.

I visit another nearby room. Similar decoration, neatly restored. I take out my phone and want to take a picture. I get concerned about whether pictures are allowed. Dad shows up and takes pictures, so I figure they're allowed. I take one picture. Hope I didn't screw it up.

Further in the castle, a corridor. I enter a dark room that hasn't been restored yet. Can see a hole in the floor on my left. I turn on the light (it's, uh, a neon). The room is mostly green, the ceiling has nice plaster patterns but they're damaged. The floor is hardwood but hasn't been polished.

Another room is similar but blue.

Back in the corridor, I chat with a young guy about things. He's responsible for restoring the castle's neon/whatever lights, because they can't just be replaced. There are small glass tubes that need cleaned with chemicals of some kind. He starts messing with the light in an advertisement panel in the middle of the corridor (yes).

Then we just talk about things, looking at trinkets, vacation pictures or whatever. The guy is apparently related to Nicolas Sarkozy. He must be part of the family who owns the castle.

In turn, I try to remember whether I'm from a 'special' family, go on about how my great-grandma was Italian (which is true) but that's not very special...
11-24-2016 Myst
well, my mind has invented a Myst type puzzle.

so first, we enter a room. there's a door (a kind of glass door) with a timer on it that reads 5:00. guessing something must be done with it to open the door. it's beeping for some reason, so I do something to it and it stops...

then there are 9 towers, arranged in a 3x3 grid. you're supposed to climb specific towers and do things in them, but it's not known what. it's only known that the towers must be activated before you can use them, and you can only activate one at a time.

so I tell my teammate to stay at the towers. I go a bit further, there are boxes atop the wall, one resembling an AC unit, others being things like a smoke detector and a fire alarm, with stickers telling you not to open them.

I open the AC unit. there are 4 switches (~7cm round buttons), they must be pressed in a binary combination to activate the corresponding tower. (or maybe it's not binary, but something else?)

so I want to work out how that crap works and how the towers are numbered. but this is where it gets nonsensical, so bleh.
01-22-2017 gettin' hired
woke up and accidentally slept again for like 1h20. no big deal, but the dream that ensued isn't half bad (and I remember it well enough).

so it starts with me at home, in the living room, facing dad at the desk laptoping. we're like 6m away. I'm laptoping too.

there's a part (before that?) where he enters the house while I'm laptoping, and gives me chocolates/candy, and goes on about how he doesn't like being the one who gives me the lesser amount of presents, because apparently I got candy from mom for... having been to a DIY shop with her?? I look at the left of the computer and suddenly mom's chocolates are there. they look like Easter chocolates. yummy.

later on, I'm on the phone with some company, it's about restoring monuments or art/historic shit or whatever, I don't remember the details. they propose me work...

meanwhile, dad's laptoping and for some reason his screen is projected on the wall. he's doing a Google search, I don't remember the terms (shame, they appeared clearly). the top result catches my interest, the URL looks like it's some copy of Xkeeper's tilde.town webpages. so I quickly try searching the same terms, but (surprise) the results I get are completely different. I want to add search terms but don't get around to do it...

the phone call goes on, but at some point, it glitches -- I'm still connected, but all I can hear is some weird long, glitchy beeps (not the standard 'other side hung up' tone). so after a while of trying to talk and failing to get a response, I hang up and call again. have to go through their secretary, then I can talk to them again (but something feels different, like I'm talking to diffferent persons). I don't remember the outcome of it, or much details other than me being reluctant to work on something really tricky and important...

(note: there's another scene involving a llama or some other animal, and checking a text with someone on the phone, in some "egyptian pyramid/whatever" setting, but it's too vague to be placed within the rest)

another scene in a building, which would be that of the company I was on the phone with. it's stark and mostly dark blue. there's renovation going on or planned. the building feels cheap, some walls have thin rockwool panels that are exposed and simply painted dark blue. anyway, we leave the building...

flash forward to another scene in a building that's a lot like where I had my univ courses the last year. I'm inside with another guy. we reach the main door. someone (owner? guardian?) shows up to lock the door with... a zip tie. but there's already one in place, put there by another guy who's outside. the guardian doesn't quite enjoy it. it appears we're a group of friends messing with him, and the guy outside is with us too... so the outside guy goes to the right, the guardian starts going after him, hoping to meet him at another door.

meanwhile, we go to the left to flee by another door, but the guardian changes his mind and goes after us. my comrade disappears somehow. I make it to a door. I notice that a bunch of keys was forgotten on the outer side of the door. I try locking the guardian in, but it doesn't work (and is actually pointless to do as the inner side has an unlock button instead of needing a key). guardian's right there, so I flee again... I grab the bunch of keys though. I decide to steal them, but then figure I may get in trouble, so I throw them in a grass patch. I want to run as far as possible (because, uh, I have an angry guardian going after me), but for some reason (typical dream crap) running is very hard, and I'm barely faster than walking. I'm scared as fuck, but it actually seems the guardian gave up?

I eventually reach a beach vacation type place. there's a weird structure with a roof and sorta floors arranged in individual spots where people rest. trying to find a way through it, I go into one of the spots but a girl complains about how that's her home. I tell her to shut the fuck up. I worry a bit, but that doesn't cause any reaction. I find a way, under the floors...

then I go on a path where other people are going or doing things. there's a girl trying to weave shoes with toes, using gross string. she's got the toes done already. there's also a guy with a dog. following the path, I eventually get to a beach. I get to the other side, choosing to cross the seawater instead of going around it.

on the other side, I enter a hotel by a back door. there are several arriving clients being received by the staff. I arrive spot on, they can start taking me to my room (which is magically already booked and all).

oh well. not bad for 1h20 worth of sleep. the downside is that the other dream is forgotten.
04-01-2017 frosted croissant
a weird Ghostbusters version.

the Ghostbusters are superheroes, they fly but in some weird fashion. there's also a woman on the team, but she doesn't fly with the guys as she prefers driving the Ghostbusters car, which is a weird grey sports car. apparently, it's atleast 100 years old, but it's very fast. it doesn't have all the crap the Ecto-1 carries.

they eventually arrive somewhere for a mission. a close-up plan on the parked car reveals that it's made of many living entities that ressemble large bolt nuts, and fuse together to look like a car, but it can be suspected that they're evil.

typical day at work.

getting to my workplace, but apparently being driven there by mom. but there are two buildings involved and the other one, which I must go to, is far enough that I have to take a bus.

(there may also be some venturing in the first building. can't remember well enough)

so, arriving in the second building (the remote one), I sit at my desk, which is a large table shared with other workers. one of the workers brought a breakfast, which looks quite good: sorta-croissants with white frosting similar to that on vanilla eclairs. must have.

I think that a coffee along with it would make it perfect. I set out to get a coffee, but the coffee making shit is in the first building. I walk to said building (which is suddenly a lot closer as the bus isn't needed anymore. huh?), but for some reason my quest for coffee (or chocolate, I remember halfway that I prefer that) is long and overcomplicated...

the last dream looks remarkably like a mix of several bits of my past or present univ/work life:

* I was typically taken to the univ by mom, atleast when shit started early

* the univ campus had two main parts, with a bus shuttle connecting them

* the buildings were hardly anything like my actual workplace, but there are similarities: the actual building was shared between the association I work for, and a bank. the bank moved out, so the association salvaged the extra space, and this is where I work. but for a while the coffee making shit stayed in the other part of the building. also, before the move, we temporarily worked in the meeting room, in a setting similar to that of the dream (large table with everyone around, etc).

* the first building may have been similar to the vacation center in which I had my 3-day training before starting the actual work.

* I actually prefer chocolate over coffee.

the croissant thing was nothing like anything I have seen so far, but I guess we should try it out.
08-03-2017 the cocain squat
so it's about a squat where you can get cocain via a secret distribution service (but there's a random news site talking about it. way to spoil it). I go there with comrades. I think there's one of those I know IRL, but the squat is nothing like what I've seen.

so there's a line of toilet doors, with weird stickers inbetween. you're supposed to knock at the door marked F (one of the stickers has been displaced as to cover the door somewhat), tell a passphrase (shame I don't remember it), and the guy gives you cocain.

my comrade does that, and is given cocain in the form of a tablet in a tiny bag. the tablet looks like a shirt button.

I eventually get one too somehow, and remind myself of the dangers of drugs. I eat it after leaving the squat, it has a weird taste but I don't notice any immediate effect.
09-02-2017 Easter eggs
weird university campus, weird bits.

driving along buildings that are more or less unmaintained, some looking ready to collapse.

eventually driving through a building (happens some walls are broken down). it's got some nice ancient wooden beams making up its structure, with walls/floors inbetween. I examine some beams that are painted with some art... eventually think about how that building could be turned into a squat.

some discussion about the RER train doors, especially some narrow glass panes with weird shapes that were supposedly designed to catch fraud...

middle school. accompanying a small woman who's there to do things but I don't remember what. I go out in the court in the meantime.

there are several small groups, some with people I know IRL, but for some reason I want to avoid all of them and I stay alone.

I eventually find it quite long and wonder what the small woman is doing and whether she forgot about me, so I text her a '???' message.

eventually, leaving with 'friends'. I take my backpack to pack up things, then take my bike and start pedaling in the building. friends follow me, but they decide to be annoying and stick to my ass, and refuse to stop. so I decide I'm just going to circle through the building until they stop. eventually, they do, but I keep running into other issues, like how the saddle keeps needing reajusted...

grandparents' home, going out in the garden. mom and grandma are there, maybe my sister too?

there's an old guy holding a stall in the garden (yes) to sell Easter-egg type chocolates, it's probably for a charity or whatever but they're said to be super good.

I eventually approach the stall, the guy makes a comment on my hair, which I answer with a non-sequitur. then I inquire. the chocolates are ~10cm tall eggs. they cost 10€. I remember having a 10€ bill in my backpack, but the guy wants coins only. okay, bummer.

I go back to my backpack (which for some reason I had left near the house door), start combing for coins, not too sure. turns out there are lots of 2€ coins (and they appear to be special). I start collecting them, more than needed even.

but of course I wake up before getting a chance to try the chocolate. dang.

moral of the dream: capitalism is bad.
09-21-2017 family argument gone wrong
failing to wake up proper makes for good dreams apparently

so apparently I'm hanging out with family for shit

I stray away alone to visit some place, it's supposed to be Chateau Sécession (but it's not) and it's being renovated.

I visit more but by looking at pics on urbex sites, somehow (without a computer handy. the viewed sites just fill my dream vision, which appears to be my typical dream web-browsing). there are things like a mini-chapel under a stair, with mosaics that represent people holding eachother's hands and connecting all over the ceiling...

sister informs me that parents served a melon and they're waiting for me. oddly, she has short hair (which she normally doesn't). so I tell her that I'm coming.

but I want to finish something first, and she decides to be an annoying fucker. she keeps bugging me, despite me telling her that yes I'm coming. I come towards her and she was grabbing rocks to throw at me. we get into some weird physical fight, and she turns out to be stronger than me. I strangle her for ~6 seconds, remembering that 30 seconds causes death (apparently, yeah).

I then leave her and walk along a path with many other people. but there are some bad news. several kids who got hurt or have some problem. then there's someone carrying my sister who didn't recover from the strangle.


choosing not to deal with the possible upcoming shitstorm, I decide to try fleeing while I can.

eventually the path leads to some supermarket. I wander in there and try to get out. eventually the loudspeakers announce that they're after me, or so I think, but they think my name is Thomas (irl, it's not). dunno why, but I guess I can abuse the confusion.

this is where it gets weird though.

I first manage to escape the supermarket thing building. my running catches some guard's suspicion, but they don't go after me, and I manage to slip out unnoticed. I end up in the parking lot. I really want to get further, but I'm super exhausted and it's becoming difficult to even walk. but I muster all the strength I can as I don't want to get caught.

I eventually get out, turn around and follow the parking lot fence from outside. it's raining pretty hard and it's getting dark as night is falling. a part of the sidewalk isn't covered. a pedestrian slips because of a rock in there and ends up slipping away 10m further.

I keep going. I want to get to a less populated area of the town where I'll be able to be forgotten. but at the same time I don't want to go too far away, the area is unfamiliar and I don't want to get lost, so I think I should stick to train/tram rails for example. I keep going along the sidewalk, but at some point it becomes really dark and unwelcoming, so I make a U-turn.

there are more scenes of me wandering around in buildings, like weird apartment complexes, but I don't remember where those go. there's one where I barge into a family's apartment, but they don't seem to care. I look for an exit, consider the windows, but it's too damn high. there are stools for the local cats to use, but they aren't close enough for me to use them safely. so instead I go to the stairs and there are two possible stairs. one goes way down, probably to the parking lot, the other goes to the floor under. I choose the latter one, it appears safer to me. on the floor below, apartment entrance. a woman calls "Thomas!", I worry because I think she knew I was wanted, but false alert, she's just calling her kid.

at some point I'm back into a parking lot thing, with two other persons (friends?). there are makeshift tables and seats, apparently it's a bar. I don't quite remember what we order, but the two friends order the same thing, and I order something else, like a strawberry syrup. after drinking it, I take my shit (apparently a girl handbag, it's even written on it) and leave, climbing the fences. nobody bats an eye. once in the street, I find that something is missing on my shoulders: I forgot my backpack. so I go back (this time, through the fence) and grab it. at the same time, the waiter shows up, and I remember I forgot to pay the drink, so I stay for a while to do that...

which seems to be where it ends.
12-24-2017 escaping the evil aliens
(there was more, but as usual, forgotten)

starts where I'm walking in some street with a friend. apparently I'm supposed to take a plane later on.

a plane lands on the road, but it's just a guy in some device that is a bike and large wings. it's about as large as a lane on the road. he then pedals away. my friend inquires, I comment about how that's probably not my plane, not enough space to carry me anyway.

then there's a ship with a large rectangular, open bottom, that comes. it hovers close to some structure. I can read "SA Robert" or something like that on it. I'm now part of a group of people waiting on the street. on the structure, there are a few agents, they're writing names on it, and I can recognize... mine. there's a black bald guy speaking some discourse but I don't remember it.

they abduct people for whatever nefarious purpose.

so I run away to the left. (noting that it's night at this point, but it seems to change later on)

the other people seem to stay behind? oh well, up to them.

I run away, trying to hide in shadows, but they don't really make an effort at getting me.

at some point, someone comes out from a nearby building, and he's the black bald guy from earlier. he doesn't use force but runs next to me and tries to talk me into coming back. I try stabbing him with a 4-color pen, doesn't do much other than making him bleed some, and... making him become white. shrug. he never tries to fight back and doesn't seem to really notice I'm attacking him. oh and it becomes day, too.

we eventually arrive to some place with many cars and a bus parked. which is where I leave the guy from before, he goes in one of the cars and seems impaired enough that he leaves me alone. the cars are full of staff waiting for something. the bus seems to be for late abducted people?? the bus driver is an extraterrestrial being that looks like a brown blob with arms and legs.

but I keep going.

I see a couple trains far away, might be police trains?? (they look more like ambulance trains tho) someone from the parking lot goes "hurry up, you've already made me miss a train". implying they're really waiting for me to be captured??

I reach some structure where there's a thin rail of sorts going like 20m over water, and some thicker (but still very thin) concrete bridge thing accompanying it. I go on the latter. avoid a guy who's going the opposite way.

eventually an helicopter comes from the right to chase me. with a guy hanging from it and holding a bigass rifle that turns out to be a flashball type thing. well atleast they don't want to outright kill me, that's... nice?

the bridge has a more complex structure at this point. I want to try going to the other side to protect myself from the flashball gun, but can't get through the structure. I keep going. at the end of it, the helicopter gets close, allowing the guy to land on the bridge. the guy threatens to shoot me, commenting that 17 shots would let me "read on the water" (which I interpret as it being enough to send me down in the sea). I get out some whip thing and start attacking him...

... which is where I wake up because my real arm followed the move and hit the wall.

(I like how this shit is full of action but never actually gets dire)

I remember other dream bits but they're different things.

like, a big round building with many toilet stalls, but they're all bad enough in one way or another that none of them is usable.

at grandparents' house, with their dog (a weird dog-sheep mix), and chitchat about dog strolling, like how if the dog learns a circuit he can later go alone...
03-05-2018 the power to fly
so, memory starts in my parents' house court, where I find some weird flight device. you stick some strap thing on your head, and it has large wings (2-3m each) attached. you take off by running a (apparently short) distance, then adjust your trajectory by pulling a string on the left.

I first train myself for a while, eventually I master it and manage to fly over the house and get to the backyard.

I fly more using it, but I don't remember details, but it's epic shit nonetheless.

some house in the desert or similar place.

I hang around with friends there, several of them are trans (one of them seems to be a trans guy I actually know irl). they propose going to the beach...

I accept, but then remember that my body isn't shaved cleanly and I have no razors left. I decide to go buy some razors to try fixing that before we go.

(my memory is imprecise at this point, but I think that's how it went)

I use the wings to get to a place where I can buy shit.

there is a point where the strap thing slips off my head, but it doesn't get bad. I just put it back on.

but when I get back, border police bust me. I look at the route on Google Map. turns out I illegally crossed a border to get to a shop, as if I went from Morocco to Spain or something, but without a sea inbetween. weird.

so I halt at the border. the 'border police' are two agents that don't wear uniforms or anything identifying them as some police. weird. one of them looks like Nicolas Cage.

I go to a place with a tilted grid thing, they follow me there (at the same time I hear police comment it in some weird coded language). I enlarge a hole in the grid, sit on it, and proceed to... take a shit. the agents comment about it. I plan on using Cage's hat to wipe once I'm done, but I wake up before doing so.

oh well.
03-13-2018 topnotch printer transport
had lots of dream material, but I only remember the one I had in the last 30 minutes of sleep

so it begins with me entering a grocery store or supermarket of kinds, to buy groceries for the week

I look at food items and consider how long they'll last, etc...

I pick up a pack of ravioli, then I realize I have no cart or basket or bag. fortunately I'm still close to the entrance and there's a stack of green baskets, so I take one

but then I also realize I have no money (wearing some lazy comfy shorts and the pockets are ostensibly empty), so I leave and postpone the whole thing to tomorrow

[on the way out I'm walking but somehow it becomes that I'm aboard dad's car]

on the freeway, driving along

several occurences of driving alongside a girl on a Barbie Girl kinda scooter, she is trying to carry a white multifunction printer on her seat, and taking really weird positions (to try holding it, I guess)

in the meantime we're playing this song in our car

but unsurprisingly the endeavor does not go too well. the printer slides off the seat and falls, with a corner kind of sinking into the road and severely damaged. (could and should have been much worse considering the speed, tho)

the girl notices and stops in the emergency lane (at this point she's back to a normal driving position). the printer is surprisingly close, so guess we weren't going that fast at all actually??

dad leaves the freeway (there are things he moans about but I don't remember), but just going into some loop and eventually entering the freeway again, so we could keep following the girl and ensuring she doesn't lose her printer again...? we see she picked it up and is back on track, but she left some white plastic bits behind.

in the loop, a speed limit sign that says 18, with weird shit around. I wonder whether it's saying the speed limit there is 18km/h (which would be quite an atypical number) or whether they're reminding us of the phone number for emergencies (in France we dial 18 to call the fire brigade).