StapleButter's biography

Table of Contents

  1. A wild MEGA-MARIO appeared
  2. Jul
  3. Board2
  4. Neritic Net
  5. ABXD
  6. StapleButter

A wild MEGA-MARIO appeared

It all started in August 2008. It was one of those typical days in my life, when I'm at the computer, searching the web for random stuff.

That day I was looking for videos related to New Super Mario Bros. I watched several videos showing off cheat codes and other amusing tricks. Then I found a video that was different. It wasn't cheat codes or anything in the like. It was an edited level.

That caught my interest, and I figured it would be cool to do the same. So I googled 'nsmb editor' and found Treeki's old website. It had the NSMB Editor 2.1 (NSMBe2 for short) download, and links to Jul and Board2.
(to give you an idea how outdated the site was, it was still referring to them as Justus League II and Acmlm's Board II, respectively)

I downloaded the editor, and followed the links to the boards, curious as to what kind of amazing things could have been posted there.

I read that Treeki was abandoning development of NSMB Editor. That was sad, because the editor was usable but not good. It was slow and suffered from a number of annoying issues, among which, random level header corruption. Not cool. There was room for improvement but it wasn't going to happen anytime soon.

As I had enough C knowledge, I figured hey why not try and make a new editor. I got NitroExplorer and Treeki's old documentation, and started working on it.

Super NSMB Editor was born.

I also joined Jul and Board2 to post about it. No feedback was given at Board2, however Jul had more interest in it.


I joined Jul and made my first post in September 2008. My first post there was dumb. It was overrating Treeki's editor, calling it perfect right after Treeki himself admitted that the code was bad.

For this reason, a certain staff member (who will not be named here) thought it would be witty to reply by replacing my post with his insulting reply. I still wonder why that didn't make me leave the place right away.

I then posted about the editor I was developing. I wasn't providing screenshots or anything, which wasn't helping my already low credibility. I was also believing that this was some kind of race where I had to release a better editor than NSMBe2 before Treeki.

Later on, Treeki announced a new project of his: a generic DS game editor with support for game-specific editing plugins. I wanted to say that it was very ambitious, but it came out wrong because my English was poor and I was dumb. My posts sounded like I expected Treeki to either fail or take too long. Then again, it was fitting with my stupid vision of the scene.

I continued posting about my editor, posting some screenshots of results obtained by luck with very wrong code, and being retarded half the time, getting a worse and worse reputation on the board.

Development of Super NSMB Editor was getting slower and slower, too. Partly because the Win32 API was a pain to use. In November 2008, my motivation fell really low.

On the 30th, I was extremely bored, and pissed off by what had happened to me previously. I decided to post retarded crap to get myself banned from the board. I did the same at Board2 to reach full idiocy.

It was fun while it lasted, but of course, a few days later I started regretting it. I tried asking Xkeeper for an unban, but he refused because I had been too much of an idiot. I then kept digging myself deeper and deeper into the hole.

I figured I could get around the ban by registering a new account. Never realizing how wrong I was, I kept doing it.

It lasted about one year and there have been many reregs. Only two of them lasted long enough to be worth mentioning, though.


It was registered at the end of January 2009, after over two weeks of peace. Xkeeper showed some suspicion about it but let it slide.

I started making a new NSMB editor, NSMB Remaker, written in C++/CLI this time, and started posting about it. Everything was fine.

I was still dumb, though. Several posts made by Microworm were quite retarded.

About one month after having registered Microworm, I decided to ask Treeki for NSMB documentation over email. The email account's cover was bad, and Treeki found me out instantly. There went Microworm.


This one started significantly later. Actually, there was a rather elaborate plan behind it. I started in August 2009 by joining Board2's IRC under the name of TheKinoko, using a bouncer to not be spotted. I then proceeded to join the board and start posting.

In the end of September 2009, I went to Jul's IRC and waited a few days. Then, when I was sure that there were no suspicions, I joined Jul. Nothing was suspected. So far the plan mostly worked.

I tried to be a good poster but posted too much, at the expense of post quality. Many of TheKinoko's posts outside of the NSMB section, sounded dumb. One month later, TheKinoko was considered bannable and got the doom timer. I then proceeded to reveal my identity; since I was going to be banned, there was no point in hiding it anymore. It is said that people didn't know TheKinoko was me until I posted it.

TheKinoko also got banned from Board2 for being a rereg, since I was banned there too.


Around November 2009, I ended up realizing I wasn't going to get anywhere with a rereg, and decided to do better things with my time. At the beginning of December 2009, I joined Board2's IRC in person and stuck around for a while. I then asked for an unban at the board, and got it. Thanks to the staff's kindness, I was able to start showing that I could be a better person.

I stuck around Board2 and posted a lot. My posts were overall better than what I posted at Jul. People started liking me and everything was good.

But Board2 was being less and less active. Eventually blackhole89 started being desperate about the activity, and allowing all sorts of posts, even lame. Flan was continually making bad posts all over the board, but wasn't getting banned for the previously explained reason. Eventually the regulars started leaving, at which point blackhole89 tempbanned Flan in an attempt at stopping the hemorragy.

This particular issue was fixed, but Board2 is still getting less and less active. Many threads that would have new posts every day, were abandoned.

Neritic Net

I joined that board around December 2009, and waited over one month and half before starting posting for some reason. The board was originally a nice and active community that welcomed me warmly. I stuck around and had great times during posting sprees and other good things.

But eventually the activity started declining. Kaeru started obsessing over postcounts and going GO POST GO POST at everyone in IRC, and generally turned into an asshole. A shame, he was a nice person before that. He even pointed out an exploit in ABXD back then.

Later on, Arbe, probably not content of having messed up so many of others' boards in the past, started messing up his own board (he was one of NN's three co-owners). He made all the users admins, and messed up my account for no reason. Guess no matter where he goes, Arbe always has to be a troubleful moron.

During a time, Neritic Net remained dead, with all the private forums exposed to the public. Now, the board is no more. They replaced it with a silly 4chan clone.


It all started in March 2010. With Nina (Nikolaj at the time) and Jceggbert5, we wanted to create Acmlmboards for whatever purposes. I attempted using Acmlmboard 1.92. It is the best of the 1.x versions, but it's still pretty much full of exploits and other bugs. I got sick of it before managing to get it somewhat good.

Acmlmboard 2 wasn't available at the time, aside from a leak of version 2.0a1 that came barebones, without even a script to set up the database structure. Eventually we tried other board softwares. phpBB ended up to be a nightmare to work with, making every damn little thing overly complicated. MyBB was somewhat good; I managed to modify it to support post layouts. But at some point the board decided to wipe my modified post box templates.

Then Nina obtained another Acmlmboard type software from Kawa: AcmlmBoard XD. That Acmlmboard clone was actually usable and rather secure, so we all ended up using it.

Nina had trouble getting it to work, so he had Kawa host it for him. The resulting board, Nikoboard, also became the official ABXD development board, as our ventures with ABXD motivated Kawa to add more features to it. Besides, Nikoboard has been the only of our ABXD boards to stay alive.

ABXD development went nicely, but eventually slowed down. In January 2012, nothing was happening anymore, and Kawa chose to give the project to Dirbaio. At this point, it picked up again for a while, before eventually slowing down again...


In December 2013, someone named skyluigi made a board. I joined that board to see what was going on there. I felt like using some unusual username, rather than the typical Mega-Mario. I made up a username with four random words: StapleGrassButterTea. As you probably guessed, I had this XKCD comic in mind at the time.

skyluigi told me this was an original username. I liked it too, but it was too long for my liking. Actually it reached the maximum length a username can be on an ABXD board. I shortened it to StapleButter, and decided to adopt this new username everywhere.
To be continued...