Blarg City
This is Arisotura's personal page of things.

Hoping you will find something of interest in here.

Who I am
I am mostly a lazy programmer who finds interest in ROM hacking and emulation, and more generally reverse-engineering.

I speak C, C++, C#, Java, PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript and ARM assembly. And also English and French.

As a programmer, I'm for open-source. I even think that closed-source software has no place in ROM hacking. All it does is lock the scene to specific tools and hinders progress.

Other than that, I have other occupations, like moderating forums, occasionally playing Minecraft, or making silly webpages like this one.

Here is my biography if you want to know more about me.

Current projects
My board software, based off ABXD.
Powers Kuribo64, among other things.
A wiki aiming at documenting Blargboard in all its aspects.
RVLution Depot
Working with Ninjifox to port the original RVLution level depot to Blargboard.

On halt
A SNES emulator for the DS.
Facing tricky issues. The DS is underpowered nowadays.
MKDS hacking revival
It would be sad to just let that scene die. But making a decent editor takes time.
NSMB custom sprite
Only went as far as displaying a flat texture. Collision is a pain to figure out.
NSMB co-op mutiplayer
Lack of a proper testing platform (ie. emulator supporting local wifi) makes development hard.
NSMBWii level
Livin' 2008 all over again
I wish I had more imagination to complete this, really.
SM64DS Editor
This was dead until Fiachra continued it. Maybe someday I'll work on it again...

Dead projects
All the projects of mine that have failed, are described in the Hall of Failures.

Most of these projects have failed because I lost my motivation at some point. Blarg.

The projects in there aren't available for download because they didn't go far enough to be useful or even usable.

Contact information

Kuribo64 profile
Email: thetotalworm [at] gmail [dot] com

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